Change of a season

Things could always be worse.

At least I didn’t wake up to find myself turned into a cockroach, like the main character of what might be Franz Kafka’s most well known story. I just woke up to find myself jobless, another victim of a bad economy.

Rather than panic at the prospect of being unemployed for too long, I like to think of it as the end of one chapter and the start of another. I don’t know with any certainty what that will entail, but there’s bound to still be some writing along the way.

So while this is likely the last post here, I’ll be picking up the thread again soon at

Cheers. Thanks for reading.

– SF

One Response to “Change of a season”
  1. montanameals says:

    Good attitude Sean. Excited to see what the new chapter brings. I also like the name of your new blog!

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