Change of a season

Things could always be worse. At least I didn’t wake up to find myself turned into a cockroach, like the main character of what might be Franz Kafka’s most well known story. I just woke up to find myself jobless, another victim of a bad economy. Rather than panic at the prospect of being unemployed … Continue reading

Lone Peak’s revenge

Finally. Seems like it always takes longer than I think it should to take a good look through whatever photos I bring back from whatever event. This time around, between Sunday, Aug. 19 and now, I’ve manage to lose the list of names and bib numbers that should have helped me to identify the riders … Continue reading

And now for something completely different …

And now for something completely different … Despite the Monty Python comedy sketches likely called to mind for most people by that phrase, I tend to think of climbing in Montana. Either way, everyone ends up smiling. Anyway, when I let some of my favorite climbs in the Last Best Place run through my mind, … Continue reading

Chasing the Tour de Bozeman

It’s not exactly the Tour de France, but a bike race is a bit more fun to watch in person. Here are a few photos from Saturday’s second stage time trial and Sunday’s third stage criterium that I collected en route to a couple of stories (find those HERE and HERE). And here’s a note … Continue reading

Photos from the Bash at Bohart

With the Bohart Bash making its earliest appearance on the Montana schedule in recent memory and the Tour de Bozeman following quickly on its heels, it’s a busy week of biking in the Gallatin Valley. Here are a few more photos from the past weekend, and the story is HERE.

Avalanche Gulch – the other one

I’d be lying if I said it was a shame. But, when I try to talk about climbing at Avalanche Gulch, most people around these parts think I’m describing the little chossy towers standing on either side of a certain ski run at Bridger Bowl. They could be imagining something further from the truth, just … Continue reading

Northern Bourbon

“So we were kind of joking, it’s kind a like a finer quality whiskey. You know, our bourbon.” That’s how Tom Kingsbury, a Homestake Pass bouldering pioneer, described the Northern Bourbons area during the first annual Butte Bouldering Bash. Having climbed down the road at Whiskey (Gulch), I have to agree with him. And, if … Continue reading

Notes on building walls

At the time, I didn’t think of myself as a dirtbag climber – admittedly a step above most other dirtbags – then one Christmas my parents gave me an acoustic guitar because they didn’t know what else to get someone without a consistent source of electricity. Now I pay a bill that regularly shows up … Continue reading

A pat on the back

It’s that time of year once again when the Society of Professional Journalists hands out awards and gives a few of us a reason to pat ourselves on the back. The Chronicle competes in the small-sized dailies (under 25,000 circulation) division in SPJ Region 10 – comprised of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. For … Continue reading

Not exactly literature, but a lot like it

Who did what, where and when is certainly important. But like keeping receipts for taxes, those details are not always that compelling, that attention-grabbing.

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